Best Propane for Your Business

Everything you need to ensure a safe, reliable source of propane to keep your business operating throughout the year.

You deserve nothing less than the best propane service for your business. We know how vital propane is to operating your business at maximum efficiency. Let us take care of your propane system so you can focus on your business. Our propane professionals will monitor your tank and automatically deliver propane only when you need it. We'll also provide regular safety inspections and assist you with additional regulatory issues related to the commercial use of propane.

Many different commercial settings rely on Servis Gas propane every day to keep their businesses running, including: building construction sites, filling stations, restaurants, hotels, schools, crematories, vehicles and forklifts.


How can you accommodate a homeowner’s desire for gas when natural gas lines aren’t available? Do what more and more builders and homebuyers all across the country are doing – build and renovate with propane gas. Servis Gas gives today’s homebuyers all the benefits of natural gas – and a greener choice beyond oil and electric.

We do more than install tanks and deliver gas. We build relationships. We partner with you to make sure the job gets done right. Our team of certified and experienced technicians are the backbone of our commitment to customer service. That means we are there wherever you need us with priority scheduling and installation, exceptional personalized service, temporary heat services and centralized tank systems for your comfort and convenience. You’ll have greater control over the entire installation and the reassurance that work will be completed on schedule.  - Additional information about benefits of building with propane


Our Forklift Cylinder exchange provides our customers with a daily, weekly or monthly delivery service custom designed to fit each account according to their needs. Servis Gas can offer your organization competitive, fair propane pricing consistently, a never run out guarantee and 24/7 emergency service. 

Anyone can deliver propane, we deliver Servis.

Propane fuels 670,000 forklifts in U.S. factories and warehouses. Propane has become a fuel of choice for forklifts due to the reduced emissions and operational advantages that propane forklifts offer.

Propane forklifts provide the following benefits:

  • Produce 19 percent fewer emissions than gasoline forklifts and 7 percent fewer emissions than diesel forklifts.

  • Meet 2007 Environmental Protection Agency standards (forklift engines with off-the-shelf electronic engine controls and three-way catalysts).

  • Maintain consistent, 100 percent power throughout operation, with faster ground speeds than electric forklifts.

  • Refuel quickly — it takes less time to fill a propane tank than to switch or charge a battery.

Servis Gas’ Forklift exchange provides the following:

  1. Light weight all aluminum cylinders furnished at no charge to our customers

  2. Accurate filling with consistent automatic weight and shut down

  3. No on site filling with the release of propane gas on our customers property on their pocket book

  4. Tanks checked on each fill before exchange

  5. 24 hour contacts

  6. Only quality propane from gas processing plants

  7. CGX-4 Additive for improved performance and maintenance

  8. Transport all product with our own trucking

  9. Sturdy galvanized cylinder storage cages.

Cadenhead Servis Gas will conduct Safety Training for your employees in the proper handling of propane forklift cylinders.

Your Safety is ALWAYS Our Priority

Throughout our 75 years of business, customer safety has ALWAYS been our top priority, providing complimentary leak tests on eligible first fills. 

Don't Delay Your Fill!

No one wants to be left out in the cold!  Contact us BEFORE your tank is empty. Colder weather results in a spike in delivery requests, so make sure to schedule your delivery well before your fuel runs out!

Sign Up For Cap Price Protection!

Comfort Plus always gives you the best possible price for your fuel. When propane costs rise, you stay protected with a cap on the rate you pay. When fuel costs are below your cap, you pay the lower price. It's always a win-win situation!