The original T.W. Cadenhead Servis Gas in Lubbock Texas in 1940, by T.W. Cadenhead, selling propane, and later manufacturing propane tanks at the same location in Lubbock. Shortly after his passing in the early 60’s, the reigns of the business were handed to his son, Tom, who along with his son, John, expanded operations to North Texas in 1978, showing him the ropes of the family business.

Three generations spanning over 75 years of dependable service! Now that is Servis you can count on!

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Comfort Plus always gives you the best possible price for your fuel. When propane costs rise, you stay protected with a cap on the rate you pay. When fuel costs are below your cap, you pay the lower price. It's always a win-win situation!

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No one wants to be left out in the cold!  Contact us BEFORE your tank is empty. Colder weather results in a spike in delivery requests, so make sure to schedule your delivery well before your fuel runs out!

Your Safety is ALWAYS Our Priority

Throughout our 75 years of business, customer safety has ALWAYS been our top priority, providing complimentary leak tests on eligible first fills.